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Chef Records is proud to announce The Tribute, the debut release of country music recording artist, Nero.  This album was born out of the desire to pay tribute, literally and figuratively, to the brave, selfless soldiers of the American armed forces.  The Tribute is a collection of seven original and seven cover songs that weave a narrative chronicling the struggle, strife, victories and triumphs of the soldiers and those that love and care for them.  The cd opens with “Johnny,” the story of young man who is moved to service after the September 11th attacks.  Johnny gives his life to save the life of his friend.  Following that is “Thank You,” a universally personal note thanking the soldiers for providing us with the safety to live in this land of freedom.  Other highlights of the original material are “Hello Sweetheart,” a duet between a soldier and his wife at home and “Baby Boy,” a letter from a soldier to his son featuring Nero’s 10 year old son. 

In addition to the songs written specifically for the album, The Tribute also features seven cover songs that contribute to the story and emotion of the collection.  In this collection you’ll find Nero’s poignant interpretations of Bryan Adam’s “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You,” Ricky Nelson’s “Lonesome Town,”The Righteous Brother’s “Unchained Melody”and more. You’ll also hear Elvis’s “IfI Can Dream” featuring a full gospel choir and a moving version of Paul Anka’s “My Way.” 

As part of Nero’s commitment to support the families of U.S. troops, a portion of all sales are donated directly to organizations committed to that same goal.  These groups include established funds such as Operation Family Fund and Veterans of Foreign Wars.


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